About Moldavite Maggy

       Moldavite Maggy is an independent Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Healer, and Spiritual Counselor. She is the creator of The 9 Code Crystal Prescription, and Founder of the Divine Trinity Healing Program. Her journey with energy healing began over two decades ago. With the 2012 Consciousness Shift she received a message from her Guides to visit a small, family owned metaphysical shop; where she would continue to learn, heal, and ultimately create the change she was seeking in her life.
       Here at Five Sisters she found her Soul Tribe and Spiritual Home. In 2015 she was activated by her Star Family and Light Language started to flow through her. She began receiving symbols and light-codes as she was infused with the highest vibrational energy she had ever felt. Moldavite Maggy shares that if Five Sisters changed her life, it can change yours too. She believes, beyond a shadow of doubt, that it is time for you to share your love, light, and talents with the world, and is passionate about helping you do it. This Vibrational Medicine Woman continues to learn, heal and grow with every client she sees; joyously and willingly empowering you through the following Spiritual Services:
       Light Language Transmissions –  DNA Activations and Repair – De-programming and Extractions – Unbinding and Soul Contract Re-negotiations. Private Spiritual Consultations through the use of Numerology, Crystals, Psychic Mediumship and Divine Guidance available, as well as Energy Healings, Vibrational Medicine, and a variety of workshops, meditations, and training that will help guide you through your spiritual journey. $45/30min $85/1Hr