Mondays 1:00-6:30 Spiritual Card Readings with Geraldine:  A Coach with a Gift, a clairvoyant. Geraldine’s reading is with The Oracle of Essence Card Deck, a lifelong project that is based on her spiritual gift. With the combination of the cards and her clairvoyance she will be enlightenment by a message and direct you to understand what is happening to yourself on issues of present, past, and future paths to come. Her mission is to guide you towards achieving your emotional, spiritual, professional, and personal life, peacefulness of mind, body, and soul. English, Portuguese, and Spanish $50/30min $100/1hr
Mondays & Tuesdays 12:30-6:30PM Healing Sessions & Detox with Shanti: Release negative emotions, balance your energy, & detox your body. Shanti is certified in several different energy

healing techniques so each session is personalized to your needs. Shanti uses a pendulum and chart to detect negative emotions.
These emotions become trapped during stressful events throughout our lives & can create pain, self sabotage, fatigue, anger or even panic attacks. You will feel lighter with each session releasing what no longer serves you.
Frequency add-ins are available: ~pemf therapy with bemer mat $15 (can be add-on or by itself. 10 min.) ~lonic foot detox. $55/30min $30/15min $60/30min $120/1hr

Tuesdays & Fridays 12:30-6:00 Psychic Card Readings with Suzanne: As a fifth generation Psychic, Suzanne works with your guides to offer a unique card reading experience. Her gift is accurate and offers guidance and answers to your inquiries regarding present and future situations $50/30min $100/1hr

Wednesdays 1:00-6:00PM Psychic Readings with Erin-Lynne: Erin is a 6th generation Psychic who’s unique intuitive style is a combination of working with your Spiritual Guides and a classical form of Northern European card reading. Offering accuracy and insight into past, present and future events, a session with Erin is a true gift to experience. English/Spanish $50/30min $100/1HR 

Wednesday & Thursdays 12:00-6:30 & Fridays 1:00-4:00 Reiki Healings & Crystal Readings with Diana: Get personalized insight and answers to your questions now by booking a reading with Diana. Using oracle cards, crystals and intuition she is able to connect with your guides to find the answers your looking for.
Reiki can be used to help address physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual cleansing. Diana uses tools such as pendulums, crystals, incense, soft music & singing bowls for her sessions.
We would recommend you wear comfortable garments for healing sessions, you will be asked to either lay down or be seated for our session & asked to remove shoes. $30/15min $50/30min $100/1hr
Thursdays 12:30-6:30pm Intuitive Readings with Ana: All Matters of the Heart- (Twin-Flames- Soul Mates) Tarot/Oracle Readings: I am an energy channel, intuitive healer, specializing in all matters of the heart. My intuitive abilities paired with the tarot's symbolism, will offer a unique perspective that caters directly to your love concerns and questions. $50/30min $100/1HR ____________________________________________________________
Thursdays 7:00pm Weekly Reiki Energy Exchange with Diana:
 Join us weekly on Thursdays at 7pm for a powerful gathering of Healing Energy Exchange. Release & Recharge right before the weekend with Reiki, Aromatherapy, Crystals & Sound Healing. $10 minimum donation.

Saturdays & Sundays **Special Guest Readers/ Healers** 
See Events Calendar below to see who's reading this weekend!!! Additional Info always available on our website or give us a call!
Class Policy & Fees/ Hours: All Classes & Readings are to be paid in CASH ONLY! If you sign up for a reading/class and cannot make it, PLEASE CALL TO CANCEL 2+ hours before appointment time! PLEASE SIGN UP FOR ALL EVENTS, as some are limited on space. THANK YOU,


Friday May 24th 7:00-8:00PM Pendulum Class with Shanti Please bring your favorite pendulum, a notebook ,a pen & a water bottle to stay hydrated. We have a wonderful selection in the store if you do not have a pendulum or would like to add to your collection. You will be provided a few charts to take home for more practice and play. Its time to beleive in your ability to create magic! $22 

Saturday May 25th 12:30-5:30PM Intuitive Readings with Ana Ana is an Energy Channeler, Tarot/Oracle reader, intuitive healer, and specializes in all matters of the heart. Her intuitive abilities paired with the tarot's symbolism, will offer a unique perspective that caters directly to your love concerns and questions. $50/30min $100/1HR

Saturday May 25th  1-3PM Intentional Creations Workshop with Vers3: “Create your own Magical Necklaces & Earrings” Join us for two full hours of learning how to make your very own intentional creation with crystals & feathers! All crystals are programmable & amplifying & all feathers are natural from different bird species and also carry a special frequency with meaning. at the end of class your jewelry piece will then be reiki infused to amplify intentional pieces for healing, protection and connection. You will get to pull one card from Oracle deck once you are seated to stimulate intentions for class and jewelry piece! Once you have completed your talisman Vers3 will also offer an herbal blend of smoke to cleanse your piece so you leave feeling brand new & extra magickal while bringing in this special new moon! Class includes:  Copper wire, tools, Crystals, Amulets, feathers, pendants, & One Oracle card pull  Price: $55

Saturday May 25th 7PM  Flower Full Moon Candle Magic & Meditation* Class with Diana Join us for an evening of manifestation, meditation and candle magic class. Bring your intentions, and let's set them a flame. This can bring peace and love to our selves & loved ones. All supplies are included, $44 energetic exchange 

Sunday May 26th 12:30-5:30PM Intuitive Readings with Ana Ana is an Energy Channeler, Tarot/Oracle reader, intuitive healer, and specializes in all matters of the heart. Her intuitive abilities paired with the tarot's symbolism, will offer a unique perspective that caters directly to your love concerns and questions. $50/30min $100/1HR

*12-Moon Oracle Readings give you guidance on what’s to come for the next 12 months! $111/70min

Sunday May 26th 2-5PM Tarot/ Oracle Completion & Certification Course w/ Vers3 $88 


Additional Readers Available Remotely through Five Sisters:

Psychic Card Readings with Elvira  A Spiritual Intuitive Adviser and Healer, Medium, Clairvoyant & Card Reader. Her gifts have been passed down through ancestors, as a fifth generation Psychic; Elvira has helped many people over the years to find solutions and understanding for a better and happier life. English / Spanish  $50/30min $100/1HR (Available for phone calls and WhatsApp video calls)


Psychic Readings and Mediumship  with Jenny An honest, experienced medium that can answer your questions about love, relationships, and life and predict outcomes of most situations accurately. "I do not sugar coat things. I will tell you what you NEED to hear and not what you WANT to hear. Whether your question needs a yes and no answer or need to analyze situation further. I can help you. If you are drawn to me, then I am the right reader for you.” Jenny is an international psychic medium, intuitive, intuitive relationship advisor, clairvoyant, Reiki master, spiritual healer, spiritual coach, spirit artist, tarot reader, writer, and spiritual podcaster. $75/30min $140/1HR (Available for phone calls, FaceTime, and Zoom video calls)

Crystal Ascension Oracle Readings w/ Viirs3 (pronounced Verse) Viirs3 works with the five elements earth, wind, fire, water and spirit. She has been on her spiritual journey through decoding nature, numbers & frequencies her whole life! 2014 is when she developed a strong and very intimate connection with the crystal kingdom and learned more valuable knowledge through plant medicine journeys and lessons from shamans and Taitas from around the world! She is also a medium and channels messages from multiple sources while matching your vibration. She teaches you how to unlock new versions of yourself while working with subtle energy in every reading! She connects to the animals, insects, and Mother Earth for healing and growth. Sitting with her you’ll be able to lift the veils of your subconscious and get to the root of cause and effect from confusion, trauma, and anxiety to confirmation, peace and bliss. $66/30min $88/45 min  $111/1HR


Spiritual Readings w/ Fefii “I was born with the gift of being a medium since I was born, it’s ancestral. I fully developed my gifts after seeking healing with a spiritual teacher about three years ago. I read your spiritual contract and use Española cards to assist me. I guide you to see things with more clarity and the bigger purpose of it. $30/15min $55/30min $100/1HR


Readings w/ Medium Emary As an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Channeler, Tarot Card reader, Tea Leaf reader & Spirit Artist, Emary can pass on messages from passed loved ones and can help guide you with life situations. Everything she receives she channels through spirit and her spirit guides. She will always give validation and confirmation that your loved ones are still with you. Emary's mission is to help, heal and connect as many people with their loved ones to let them know the love is not gone, we don't die, we go on. $50/30min $95/1HR