About Us

Five Sisters is a family owned metaphysical center based out of Miami, Florida since November 2007. It all began with the vision of our beautiful mother, Elizabeth, and named after her Five Daughters: Alexandra, Rocky, Aurora, Estee, and Hannah. Like many of us, Elizabeth was on a spiritual journey of her own, and at a turning point of that quest, she realized she was seeking something more than was available in her local community. Like the powerful goddess she is, she manifested Five Sisters and built a space filled with love, positive energy, and inspirational tools. It was her intention that Five Sisters provide the community with services and products that encourage people to dive deeper into their own personal evolution.

When each individual strives to vibrate at their highest energy, humanity as a whole is lifted.

With a profound love for all things magical and holistic, our center has a wide selection of treasures from all around the world—crystals, jewelry, incense, oils, candles and aromatherapy, statues, artwork, wind chimes, books, home decor, and so much more. We host both local and virtual events including Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Readings, and Energy Healings as well as an array of classes to promote spiritual development.

We are motivated by the ever changing flow of life and work intentionally to evolve with our community as we help you evolve through the products and experiences we offer.

From our hearts to yours, Thank You. It's because of you that we do what we do. One Love.