About Diana

Diana is a certified reiki master and a natural born healer with a connection to humans, plants, and the animal kingdom. She channels source energy through her hands to help stabilize your energetic body and chakras, and scans for any imbalances. 

Reiki healing is an ancient technique that uses the flow of energy to heal the body and soul. Join Diana in a private session that will use the life force energy to heal thus balancing the subtle energies within your body. Reiki can be used to help address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual cleansing. Tools used in this therapy session are used to help create a relaxed atmosphere such as pendulums, crystals, incense, soft music, and singing bowls (depending upon the length of session

We would recommend that you wear comfortable garments for your appointment, you will be asked to either lay down or be seated for the session and asked to remove your shoes. Water is recommended.

Readings with crystals are also available. This unique style of reading was created by Diana, and she uses crystals and stones to read your energy.

$95.00 for a full session (60 minutes)

$50.00 for a half session (30 minutes)

$30.00 for a 15-minute session