About Viirs3

Viirs3 (pronounced Verse) works with the five elements earth, wind, fire, water and spirit. She has been on her spiritual journey through decoding nature, numbers & frequencies her whole life! 2014 is when she developed a strong and very intimate connection with the crystal kingdom and learned more valuable knowledge through plant medicine journeys and lessons from shamans and Taitas from around the world! She is also a medium and channels messages from multiple sources while matching your vibration. She teaches you how to unlock new versions of yourself while working with subtle energy in every reading! She connects to the animals, insects, and Mother Earth for healing and growth. Sitting with her you’ll be able to lift the veils of your subconscious and get to the root of cause and effect from confusion, trauma, and anxiety to confirmation, peace and bliss. $66/30min $88/45 min  $111/1HR