About Shanti

Healing Sessions & Frequency Therapy with Shanti
Release negative emotional energy & balance your chakras with  Emotion Code Pendulum session.
 Emotion Code is an energy healing technique that removes the energy of negative emotions we have unconsciously stored in the body creating heaviness & dis-ease. With the use of a pendulum, magnets & the Emotion Code chart, emotions can be identified and easily released creating a flow of energy.
 By releasing the emotional energies you are assisting in bringing the body back into balance & you will feel lighter with every session.
                  $30/15 mins.        $60/30 mins.         $120/1 hour
Unwind your mind with ACCESS BARS
This is a relaxing hands on technique that assists in slowing down the monkey mind.  There are 32 points on the head where we have stored our thoughts, judgements, ideas, beliefs & considerations for lifetimes. A bars session will begin to dissipate the energy charge that keeps you on auto pilot. This allows more space for change, creativity, relaxation, increased awareness & allowance for more possibilities!
 $60/30 min          $120/1 hour
 Other  Offerings 
   BEMER therapy session
 RELAX    &   DETOX  Reduce pain & stress 
Stimulate a healthy flow of oxygen to your tissues & cells, improve circulation
 $15/ 10min
This foot bath session helps detoxify & eliminate toxins through your feet.
The positive & negative ions that are emitted assist the body in rebalancing. 
This aids to detoxifying your liver, kidneys, bowl & skin during each session.   Raising your PH to a more alkaline level.