About Ana

Intuitive Readings with Ana

Energetic Assistance for Your Journey

I am a Reiki Master and Frequency Healer, and use both techniques to bring rich, relaxing, and deeply transformative healing through channeling soothing energy, ASMR and Divine Love. I have been trained in Shamanic and Celtic healing arts and invoke the elements in my healing sessions. In addition, I am an intuitive tarot and oracle reader since I was 17 years old, specializing in all matters of the heart, soulmates, and the twin-flame journey.

Menu of Services:

Tarot & Oracle Intuitive Readings: general readings/all matters of the heart readings. Offering the client with an overall picture about the energy of the query, and deep diving with specific details, a story, a portal of what can potentially happen in the future by forecasting the energy in the present. Price: $63 (30mint), $111 (1hr.)

12-Moon Oracle Reading: this reading is a very special 12-month tarot spread for your year ahead. This style of reading will take into account each month of the next 12 months in your life to give guidance and insight to help you through what life might have in store. Also, a great gift to give a loved one, contact us about gift certificates! Price: $160, (1hr 11 minutes,)

Shamanic Celtic Earth Healing: I will be working at a Soul level by identifying subconscious fears, and clearing them, which allows us to live a more authentic life. Outworn negative beliefs and conditioning are discarded, enabling a more appropriate life plan to be put in place. In addition, I'll be working with Elemental Earth energies, Reiki, and oak wand, using the ancient magical symbols of the Druidic Ogham.

These sessions are very powerful, and can help you regain courage, strength, and purpose in life..

Price: $80 (30mint), $170 (1hr.)

Crystal Reiki Cord Cutting/Plucking: I'll be working with emotional cords, mental, and karmic to really liberate your personal energy, clear "energy vampire" attachments, and release possible past life influences if they are unnecessary. The power and discernment lies in your highest intelligence. So only what your higher self would approve of is released.

Also, when it comes to relationships and emotions, don't worry about cutting anyone out of your life if that is not what you want, instead we can work with this as a chance for a fresh start in the dynamic.

Price: $ (30mint), $70 (1hr.) $160